KTU SGPA Calculator APK V21.8.18 Free Download

KTU SGPA Calculator APK V21.8.18 Free Download
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  • V21.8.18
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KTU SGPA Review:

Today in the article we are introducing the best application which is a very helpful and important application. Yes, I am talking about KTU SGPA Calculator which is an Android application with the help of this Android application students, teachers, and anybody can easily calculate their CGPA and SGPA without any difficulties. Many students and teachers searching for such tools to make their work easy but after getting this app you will be really happy to use it.

As we know the KTU SGPA Calculator is one of the best applications and user-friendly interfaces that anyone can use this application easily. The beauty of this application is it will complete your work within seconds which means it will save you time and give you a better result. However,, if you are facing difficulties while calculating your CGPA then you do not need to worry about it because this will help you anywhere.

You just need to download This Application on your Android device and use its amazing quality features. If you love it then share it with your friends they will give you a blessing.

What is the KTU SGPA Calculator?

As we discussed above this is an Android application named KTU SGPA Calculator latest version specifically used to calculate the CGPA, and SGPA easily. Most teachers and students do not know how to calculate the CGPA of their total marks, If I tell you the truth, I also faced this issue when I graduated from university and was trying to calculate my CGPA from total marks. But ever since I downloaded this app on my smartphone have been able to calculate it easily.

Now, I have the solution to all the problems regarding calculating the CGPA becsue with the help of this application you can easily calculate the CGPA within a second. and whoever does not know do help them they will be happy.

So do not waste time Download this application I gurentee you will love it and share others to use. Also, use the Tawasal Super app and enjoy communications with students and teachers which is an educational-based app where you can learn a lot of knowledge.

Key Features of KTU SGPA Calculator:

In the features section, all the features are amazing you will fall in love with this feature, becsue after reading the features one by one every step will help during your CGPA calculation. See all the features and understand well how to use and calculate. all features are helpful and informative i hope you love it.

Calculation Of CGPA SGPA:

Yes, KTU SGPA Calculator is specially designed to calculate your SGPA CGPA easily so just download the app on your Android device and start using it.

Notification and get updates:

With the help of the push notification option, you will never miss any informative and necessary updates regarding this app. You will get notifications of every single piece of news easily.

Advan features:

In the future, the developer of this app will make some changes as per need and that will be so amazing that you will love to utilize it.

Support B. Tech Scheme:

Yes, this application supports 2015 and 2019 B tech scheme support.

Contact with developer option:

The amazing feature of this app is that while using it app case you find any difficulties and bugs then you have the option to contact with developer of this app directly and he will resolve your issue.


If you face any sort of issues while using this app you can send an email and discuss the issue and it is 100% accurate that they will respond. email address of the developer is under,

[email protected]

Easy to use:

Yes, this calculation app is very easy and simple to use becsue it has a user-friendly interface however you can use it simply.

Safe to use:

This application is very secure becsue the developer of this app provides the email that whenever you face any difficulties you can contact the developer directly and can resolve your issue.

How to Download the KTU SGPA Calculator?

It is a very simple process to Download the KTU SGPA Calculator on your Android device for that following guidelines will help you to complete your downloading process, However, follow the steps.

  • First of all, Click on the Download button of the app KTU SGPA Calculator file.
  • After that, your file will be downloaded.
  • Now, Click on the install button.
  • And wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Once the app is completed successfully open it and start calculating the CGPA without any hassles.

How to use the KTU SGPA Calculator?

This app is really easy to use and calculates the CGPA of any grade you have, but before calculating any CGPA through this app you need to remember something that is,

  • First of all open the app and select the seceme which one of these both are like 2015 or 2019.
  • After that with the help of the add course button, you have to add all your courses.
  • Then add your all course grades and credit hours.
  • If you have added all the courses along with credit hours then the option is to click on the calculate button.
  • Finally, it will give the result of your total CGPA.

What is new in the latest Update:

The latest update of this application is amazing and useful because, in the last update, the developer of this app fixed all the bugs that users face while calculating the CGPA. as well it makes simple and unique to use. So I love the latest update of the app Hope you will love it too.


Finally, I sum up this article with the recommendation that I know many of the students are searching for an app that helps to calculate their CGPA without any difficulties, However, This app is specially designed for all who search for such an application. Download the KTU SGPA Calculator on your Android device and take benefits from this app. This is easy and free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the KTU SGPA Calculator?

this is an Android application named KTU SGPA Calculator specifically used to calculate the CGPA, and SGPA easily.

Is it Free to Download the KTU SGPA Calculator?

Yes, you are free to download this app on your Android device from our website apkkit.org.

Is it easy to use this app?

yes, you can use this app without having any difficulties.

what is the KTU Login process?

You just need to open the app and enter the credentials you made while creating an account and it will be open for you to use.