NTR Dream APK (Latest Version) v18 Free Download for Android

NTR Dream APK (Latest Version) v18 Free Download for Android
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NTR Dream Review:

NTR Dream is a gaming platform for gamers who love role-playing (PRG). This apk is an interesting and entertaining game for users. The best part of the game is that it has a story backup and a role-playing system. Gamers can change every situation according to their mindset and win the game. The main thing to win this game is how you act on the actions. The winning of this game is decided based on your decision.

Moreover, the game is the story of a girl, and it’s all about her dream. The gamers can control the moment of the game the sound the color and the situation. It is a mind game to check the decision-making level of the player. whereas, the player gets the benefit of changing the situation in the game according to their way. Also, the graphics and the music quality of the game are so fascinating that the players automatically get attracted to the game.

What is the NTR Dream?

NTR Dream Apk is an animated game that can be controlled by the decision-making of the gamer. If you want to win the game you should have a strong mindset and decision-making sense. This game leads you to an animated world that feels real. You have to build relationships, complete tasks and make the perfect decision. Also, the game is much faster so you have to complete the work faster and make an accurate decision within the time limit.

Also, this game provides subtitles for the gamers. The gamers can easily understand the steps the instructions and the speech of the characters by reading the subtitles. Moreover, the best part of this game is that the updated version of the NTR Dream Apk has a no-aid system. So, there will be no interruptions of anything in between the games. You just have to install the game and enjoy the new experience.

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Key Features Of NTR Dream APK:

There are multiple features of the NTR Dream apk game. Some of the main features are given below,


This Game has way more adventures and tasks that you will experience like the best gameplay.


This game has a beautiful storyline that is very essential to understand because the decision-making in the game will be based on the storyline.

Multiple tasks:

It has many tasks included in the game, that you have to complete to win the game.

Building relationships:

To win the game you have to build relationships with the other characters of the game.

High Graphics:

This Game is built with high-quality graphics, you will get a new experience, and the animated world will be like a real one for you.

High Emotions:

This game is a really good game in which the gamers get emotional in some scenes.

No Advertisements:

There are no aids in between the games. So, there will be no interruptions or anything that can disturb you.

Free for all:

This Apk is free for all users. You can download the game play it and enjoy a new experience without any payments.

How to Download and Install NTR Dream?

It is quite easy to download the NTR Dream apk on your Android device following guidelines will help you complete your downloading process. Follow the steps below,

  • Download the apk file of the app by clicking the download button link is available in the content.
  • Make sure to enable the (Unknown Source) option from the security setting.
  • Click on the install button.
  • Wait a while to complete your downloading process to complete.
  • The app has been successfully installed.
  • Now, open the game and enjoy its best features.


In a nutshell, the NTR Dream Apk is an amazing Apk for all gamers. The storyline, the scenes, the emotions, the pictures, the sounds, and the music all are of top class. The game is for gamers who are socially active and want to know how to build relationships. This game will test your decision-making skills. To win the game you have to make strong decisions. So, download the apk by just clicking on the download button and enjoy the new experience of gaming. You are just one click away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the NTR Dream?

This is an animated game that can be controlled by the decision-making of the game.

Is it free to Download?

Yes, you are free to download and install the NTR Dream game on your Android without paying any cost.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, you vas enjoy this game without any fear.